Are you interested in building a Legacy?

Get ready to start a fulfilling and rewarding adventure as a tutor with The Legacy Center!

Tutoring at The Legacy Center offers you a chance to become a mentor and guide for our learners. By developing strong relationships and creating a supportive environment, you can inspire and motivate them to overcome challenges and develop crucial life skills. Your influence will extend far beyond our office, empowering individuals to become confident, independent learners, and instilling a love for learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

As a tutor, you will embark on a journey of constant self-improvement. Each tutoring session will present new challenges, stimulating your intellect and deepening your understanding of the subjects you teach. You will have the privilege of witnessing the transformation of your learners into confident, accomplished members of our community. You will also enhance your communication and leadership skills.

Our volunteers provide one-on-one tutoring to individuals from Midland, Bay, and surrounding counties. Training is required, which can be completed online or in person. All materials and training are free of charge. We ask that volunteers commit to working with one learner for two hours per week for one year. Tutors can specialize in Reading, Math, English as a Second Language, or Workforce Readiness Skills. A background check is required.

Interested in supporting our programs in other ways?

We understand that not everyone can dedicate the time required to be one of our tutors, and that’s okay!

If you’d like to help us help the community, please consider a different volunteer opportunity or donating by following the links below:

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