SADD/SAVE: Students Against DrunkDrivers/Violence Everywhere Club

SADD/SAVE: Students Against DrunkDrivers/Violence Everywhere Club


Dow High School

Contact Information

Carol Bremmer, Melinda Plaugher, Advisors.

Age Group

9-12th graders

Additional Information

Students help students recognize that making healthy choices makes for a better life. These club members promote antibullying and assist in trying to help all belong to the DOW HIGH family.

Activity Type

Clubs - School Organized

School Level

High School

Developmental Assets

Other Adult Relationships
Caring School Climate
Community Values Youth
Youth as Resources
Service to Others
School Boundaries
Adult Role Models
Positive Peer Influence
High Expectations
Youth Programs
Time at Home
Achievement Motivation
School Engagement
Bonding to School
Equality and Social Justice
Planning and Decision Making
Interpersonal Competence
Cultural Competence
Resistance Skills
Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Personal Power
Sense of Purpose
Positive View of Personal Future