Parent Outreach

Young people begin distancing themselves from their parents around the age of 12, but parents still play a central role in their child’s development. Therefore, it’s important that parents are aware of current trends and challenges, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond. The Legacy Center reaches out to parents through our quarterly publication, YC Magazine, as well as Town Hall meetings.

YC Magazine
The Legacy Center just began in its fifth year of publishing YC Magazine. More than 5,500 copies are mailed to the parents of students in 6th through 12th grades, and another 750 are distributed to several other locations throughout the community, including community centers, medical offices and more. The magazine promotes the Developmental Assets® framework and highlights asset-building activities occurring throughout our community. For more information about YC Magazine, contact Barb Swierzbin.

Town Hall Meetings
Every two years, The Legacy Center surveys parents of middle and high school students to obtain feedback on the challenges they, and their teens, are facing. We use the information to plan town hall meetings that provide information and tips that parents can use. This year’s sessions will touch upon marijuana legalization, signs and symptoms of drug use by teens, and social media/internet safety, to name a few. We’re always looking for ideas for future sessions. These meetings are posted on the events page of the drugfreemidland website. For more information, or to share an idea, contact Barb Swierzbin.

Department Contacts:

Michelle Beeck
Community Educator/
Certified Prevention Specialist

Barb Swierzbin
Prevention Services Coordinator/
Certified Prevention Specialist

Kathryn Tate
Community Integration Leader/
Certified Prevention Specialist

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