Community Outreach

Dump Your Drugs
Since 2009, The Legacy Center, the Midland Police Department and the Midland County Sheriff’s Office have been working together to collect unused, expired medications – both prescription and over the counter. Through this effort, formally known as Dump Your Drugs, we’ve collected more than 20,000 pounds of medication in nine years.

Our community is fortunate in that there are several, convenient ways to dispose of unused or expired medication, including:

  • Midland County Law Enforcement Center (24 hours per day/7 days per week),
  • Coleman Family Center (Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm and Saturday 9 am-1 pm)
  • Michigan State Police Post in Freeland (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).
  • In addition to these permanent locations, mobile Dump Your Drugs events are hosted at a variety of locations in the community between April and October, including the Midland Farmers Market.

Our community is blessed with three SUD-related coalitions that work together to use our community’s resources wisely.

  • The Substance Use Disorder Priority Action Team (SUD PAT) consists of leaders from every sector of the community. This group establishes the strategic priorities for Midland County related to substance use disorder and works to eliminate hurdles that stand in the way of progress. The Opioid epidemic and responding to the potential legalization of marijuana for recreational use are the current priorities for this team.
  • The Community Alliance 4 Youth Success (CAYS) consists of community volunteers from every sector of the community. This group focuses on youth drug prevention across the board. However, the opioid epidemic, decrease in the perceived risk of marijuana by youth, and the rapid increase in vaping among teens are the current priorities for this team.
  • The Midland County Treatment & Recovery Coalition consists of volunteers from the treatment and recovery community and focuses on eliminating gaps in treatment and recovery. Recent successes include the development of a Referral Guide and community naloxone training.

For more information about coalition activities or to volunteer, contact Kathryn Tate.

Our prevention specialists are subject matter experts on the impact of substance use on our youth population. They use this expertise, along with the data from the Midland County Youth Study, conducted by The Legacy Center in late 2015, to build relationships and educate policymakers.

Compliance Checks/Retailer Education
The Legacy Center is tasked with ensuring local retailers do their part to protect our youth from alcohol and tobacco products. This includes educating them on the current laws and conducting annual compliance checks to prevent sales to minors.

Department Contacts:

Michelle Beeck
Community Educator/
Certified Prevention Specialist

Barb Swierzbin
Prevention Services Coordinator/
Certified Prevention Specialist

Kathryn Tate
Community Integration Leader/
Certified Prevention Specialist

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