The Legacy Center for Community Success is moving all operations from our 3200 James Savage Road office to 2417 Abbott Road in Midland! Here’s all the info you’ll need to know:

When is the move?

The move is taking place the week of April 24th. During that week the office will be closed for all regular operations. We will make a social media post on our Facebook page ( when we’re open and operational.

What’s happening during the move?

Staff will be spending the work week moving over office supplies, materials, furniture, and cleaning. We’ll also be transitioning our managed IT services for phones and computers.

What services will be affected during the move?

Tutors and learners will be unable to use our offices for tutoring. Staff will be unavailable to make or receive phone calls or emails, and our website may be down for a short period of time. Tutors using our Barton Zoom accounts should not experience any issues during our IT transition.

Where can tutors and learners hold tutoring sessions while the office is closed?

The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library is always a great choice for tutoring when our office is closed! Trinity Lutheran Church allows our tutors to reserve an area in their common spaces for tutoring sessions during the week if you call ahead. If the weather is clear and warm, you can tutor outside at one of Midland’s many parks. Local coffee shops like Grove Tea Lounge are a great alternative, too. If you need other suggestions, please reach out to your Literacy Program Director for help.

How can I contact the office while you’re closed?

If you have a request, such as needing tutoring materials for when we reopen, rescheduling a tutoring appointment to another day and time, etc., please send us a message on our Facebook page. We will respond to your message within 24 hours.

How can I help with the move?

If you’d like to volunteer some time to come by Abbott Road and help with unpacking, cleaning, or building some of our new furniture, we’d be thrilled! Please call the office and we’ll pick a day and a time for you to come by. If you’re unable to physically help but would like to contribute, please consider making a donation to help offset some of the costs of the move.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call the office prior to April 24th and a staff member will be happy to help. We can’t wait to see you all in our new office!

Image of a moving truck showing The Legacy Center offices are moving April 24th to April 28th.